Thursday, March 26, 2009

All Dressed up and no where to go...yet!

Nolan is the ring bearer at my cousins wedding next weekend. He tried on his suit last night. Oh, did I mention when he went to his 15 month check up...he was in his 91% for weight, 30% for height, and 99% for head size. We joke and say he is short, plump, and has a big head. Needless to say, the suit needs some alterations. His pants are about 3 inches too long (thank you mom for altering them)...the shirt won't button around the neck...the tie is too short...the vest won't button around his belly and the shoes don't fit, because his feet are too wide. With all that said...he is the cutest little man I have ever seen. He is going to do great! (Courtney...Nolan wants to know if he can ride a horse like this one down the aisle???)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break!

Well, it was Nolans Spring Break anyway. The rest of us got to work, but we still had a little fun.

Monday-I got to work, while Nolan played all day with his great-grandfather and his wife....aka, Pappy and Pat. This was also Mimi and Pops 35th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday-I got to work again! After work, Nolan and I went to Mimi and Pops house to see his cousins, Molly and Ally, and Aunt Em. Pops heated the pool for us and we went swimming for the first time this year. Nolan loves splashing the water! He loved every moment except getting out! (oh and Nolan doesn't normally wear a hat with pink stripes...he had to borrow his cousins)

Wednesday-Nolan got to go see the doctor and get his 15 month shots. Always exciting! Not! That is the worst....holding your child down as they look at you with enormous tears rolling down their cheeks and a face that says "Mommy why are you doing this to me?" Anyways, that evening we (erik, myself, emily and geoff) took Eriks parents out to eat at Eddie V's for their anniversary. The food was sooo tasty! If you ever go, you have to save room for the Banana's Foster. Its the best dessert ever! Thursday - We relaxed! Nolan helped me with laundry, as always! We spent a lot of time outside. We have a new net on our pool to help keep Nolans safe...anyways, he thought it would be funny to throw his soccer ball on it and let mommy fetch it. It was funny, but not at the time!Here is a pic of the pool with the net...just imagine the ball out in the middle. Thursday was also my brother, Chris', birthday. Happy Birthday Chris! (sorry chris, I can't find a pic of you right now, although I could have used the one from Christmas with the bow on your head, but I decided not to...:-))
Friday - I got to work again, because a co-worker was on vacation. Nolan played with Mimi all day. That night we went out to eat for Chris' birthday at Texas Roadhouse. It was really good food too.

I love that Spring is in the air, although with Spring comes allergies. Nolan started coughing worse last night and his nose is running like a faucet. Hopefully, it is just allergies and not another round of sickness.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Okay, well I feel like I got robbed anyway. We had our family pictures taken at Holmes last week and yesterday we went to pick out the pictures. They were all absolutely precious. I fell in love with about 15 pictures, but unfortunately could only afford two poses. I mean really, why can' t these photographers just sell copies of the pictures on CD and we could make our own copies. Afterall, those pictures are of my family and my baby. All they are going to do is trash them. Just venting. Does anyone else understand? I'm really not that upset. I know they have to make money too....but really, do they have to raise the prices on their pics so much!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sleepless Weekend

The weekend couldn't have started more perfectly. Friday night, Erik and I went to Chick-fil-a for a milkshake. I have been wanting one forever and finally I was getting it....Cookies 'n Cream. was tasty!

Friday night, we put Nolan to bed at his usual time and we went to bed about 9:30, looking forward to a good nights sleep after a week of work. Well, about 10:30 we were awaken by a screaming child. It continued every 15 minutes, it seemed, throughout the night. He was coughing his head off.

Saturday morning, we went to the doctor. He had an ear infection in the left ear, fluid on the right ear, drainage everywhere, including a partially blocked tear duct that makes him look like he got socked in the eye. Poor guy. You can't help but feel sorry for him.

Right after the appointment, we dropped Nolan off at Gigi and Papas, and we were off to a noon wedding. It was the perfect golf day and yes, Erik was at a wedding. He wasn't the happiest camper, but he got through it. We didn't know a soul there, but it didn't matter, we knew the bride, Allyson. I use to work with her. She is very special to me and it was an honor to be at her wedding. You see, she is the sono tech that proved the pregnancy test wrong. There was a sweet little baby in there. She also was there when we found out it was going to be a boy and later on she pointed out the wavy long hair. Not to mention, Nolan was born on her birthday, 12/12. Congratulations Allyson! You looked stunning and the wedding was beautiful!

Then it was back to reality Saturday evening with a fussy little boy. We went to Lance and Sydneys for dinner. It was tasty as always and lots of fun. Then we were off to the house to get the little guy down, or so we thought. It wasn't that simple. He didn't even get in his bed. We all had a long night. He would take short naps and then awake coughing. Then he was up for good at 5:15, which was really 4:15 with the time change.

Well, right now, we are breaking a record for the weekend. He has been asleep for an hour and a half. Hopefully, this continues as Erik and I both work tomorrow. Pray for Mr. Nolan to feel better.