Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Festivities

This was a very busy weekend for the Barnard family, from all the Homecoming Festivities to visiting Nolans newest little friends to a big birthday bash!!

It all started Saturday with the annual WHS Homecoming Parade! How exciting! (well, it was for Nolan anyway) It was Nolans 1st parade. He just sat on a blanket for the longest time in awe of the cars and trucks slowly driving by.

Nolans cousins, Molly (right) and Ally (left) had lots of fun at the parade too!

Molly, Emily (my sister-in-law), and Ally watched the parade from the curb to get a better view! (and more candy!!)

Like I said, I went to visit Nolans newest little friends, Michael and Maryn. They are 10 days old in this pic. Michael is protecting his sisters eyes from the flash in this picture.

I went with some friends to see the twins. From left to right, myself, Jodi (who had twins 3 weeks ago, Gretta (the mommy of Michael and Maryn), and Emily (my sister-in-law). It was fun sharing mommy stories!

Saturday afternoon, we attended a luncheon in honor of my father-in-law, Harold. He got inducted into the WHS Hall of Fame. We are so proud of him!

Saturday evening, we went to Eriks 10th high school reunion! It was fun catching up with old friends. It brought back many memories seeing their faces. Unfortunately, there are no pics from this event, as I left my camera in the car.

Last, but not least, was little Macis 2nd birthday party out at the farm. Nolan had lots of fun and even managed to get a few kisses from Maci. He liked that!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hook'em Horns!

Way to go Longhorns! They defeated OU 45 to 35! It was an awesome game! Erik, Harold (Eriks dad), and Chris (my brother) enjoyed the game from the stands, while Nolan and I enjoyed the game from the living room.