Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm back for now...

Well, my sister-in-law, Emily, has inspired me to get caught up in the blogging world. We will see how long it lasts. Life is a little crazy right now. So let's get started...

This is what you missed...


2nd-Took Nolan to the dentist for the 1st time. Horrible, horrible experience! Don't plan to go back for a long time. This inspired me to make sure his teeth get extra clean every morning and night. Nolan and I were both in tears when we left.

4th-Easter---Nolan loved hunting Easter eggs this year!!! In fact, we are still hunting eggs occasionally around the house.

10th-Knox's Sprinkle-preparing for the arrival of Mr. Knox. The girls threw me a shower! Thank you all for everything!!
(From Left to Right: Nicole Barron, Gretta Simmons, Courtney Thompson, Me, Emily Myers, Carrie Carter, Sonja Turner, and Hillary Zandt)

16th-First trip to the zoo this year with Alex and Wyatt

24th - Our 6th Anniversary--Crazy how time flys. We had our 1st date, prom, 12 years ago from this night.
Obviously, not our anniversary, because I was way pregnant then. I am actually pregnant here, but only Erik knows. :-)

Weekly doctors appointments that were pointless and depressing. :-) I hated that scale by the end of it all!!

20th- Mother's Day Out Program. Our little Tiger, Nolan! Roar!


3rd-Our precious little baby boy, Knox Benjamin, entered the world at 9:09pm. He weighed 7lbs2oz and was 19.25 inches long. He was perfect!

Big Bro Nolan and Little Knox!

12th-We celebrated my 28th birthday! I am ready for life to start slowing down. Time just keeps flying by...

18th - Another fun trip to the Dallas Zoo with Nolan, Wyatt, and Alex.

26th-Daddy played in his first golf tourney since Knox was born. ...and he was afraid he would never be able to play again after the 2nd child was born. ha! We are proud to say that him and his partner, Big E, won the tourney. Erik shot an awesome 68, 67. Way to go Erik!!