Friday, December 4, 2009

A Little Behind....Thanksgiving '09

Thanksgiving '09 was lots of fun! We have lots to be thankful for. Em, Geoff, Erik, Harold, and Trey all ran in the Turkey Trot this year. We all met up for a fabulous lunch at Harold and Debbies and then went to my parents for a wonderful dinner. We were stuffed to say the least.

This year we have a ton to be thankful for. We are thankful for God, who is our strength and our hope. We are also thankful this year for our family, friends, jobs, our house, our cars, and our kids. Yes, I said kids!!! Nolan's little brother or sister will arrive June 2010. We are super excited that God has performed another miracle in our lives. The joy that Nolan brings to us is overwhelming. We can't imagine what it will be like with 2, but we can't wait to find out!!
Nolan (almost 2), Molly (almost 6), Ally (3), and Emma (??4 weeks old, or close to it)

Ben taught Nolan a bad thing at Thanksgiving...taught him to jump in the grocery cart and to be pushed around. Nolan loved every moment!

A Little Behind...Ally's 3rd Birthday

We had lots of fun going to Aggieland for Ally's 3rd birthday party. It was at the gym where the girls take gymnastics. It was lots of fun for the kids and a little stressful for me. Nolan LOVED the trampoline and the pit. It wore me out! Great party though!! Here are some pics. Wish I had gotten more pics of the girls!

A Little Behind...Halloween Update

Well, I am going to try to get caught up on my blog. Yes, I am a little behind. Let's see, I need to go all the way back to Halloween!!

This year Nolan dressed up as a golfer. He got to wear it 3 times. Needless-to-say, we got our moneys worth. Nolan enjoyed trick-or-treating, although he didn't each much candy. He is so picky!!

Also, the weekend of Halloween, we celebrated my father-in-laws 60th birthday. We had a big party and lots of people dressed up.