Friday, October 16, 2009

Go Horns!

Well, we aren't going to the Texas/OU game this year, but we are getting excited about it. We went to the game last week in Austin and had lots of fun. Thought I would share a pic of Erik and I before the game at Ryans house. Thanks for a great weekend Ryan!

Halloween Preview

Nolan tried his costume for Halloween on the other night. I thought it would be too big, so I had my mom standing by for alterations. The size I ordered was a 2T-4T and considering he isn't even 2, I thought it would be a little big. BUT, no it wasn't big at all. The shirt is a little snug and the pants fit perfectly. All mom has to do is cut off about an inch of the sock. Anyways, the pics were too cute not to share. Here's Our Little Golfer! More to come soon!