Sunday, September 12, 2010

Family Fun!

Erik turned 30 on August 26th!!! Happy Birthday Erik!!
His birthday cake reflected his and anything UT!
Erik's Surpise Birthday Party...A big THANK YOU to Harold and Debbie for a GREAT party!!

Of course, Nolan had to help blow out the candles. He wanted a piece of cake from the moment he laid eyes on it!

Nolan playing at the park one day in the tunnel. We always play at the park while we wait on Daddy to finish running.

Knox was screaming at this point and Nolan thought it was "too loud", so he covered his ears!

Our Sweet Baby Knox was 3 months old on September 3rd!

What a sweet smile!

Daddy training him from Day 1...watching UT football and loving it!

Nolan and Knox in their cowboy hats. Knox was trying on part of his Woody halloween costume. Nolan just thought he needed his cowboy hat on too. Nolan calls it his "mowing hat", because he thinks Daddys bucket hat that he mows in looks like it.


Mary said...

Funny thought just occured to me-do Harold and Debbie have UT and A & M loyalties since their kids went to the opposing schools? Plus with Emily living near A & M...I bet that makes for some interesting Thanksgiving conversations!

The Barnards said...

It does make Thanksgiving interesting. Harold is a UT fan, but both Harold and Debbie split their support. On game day, they don't care who wins (although I think Harold would prefer UT in the end). :)